lent mentoring

During the season of Lent (From Ash Wednesday to Easter) things are a bit different at First Lutheran Church.  There is more worship happening and there are new and exciting things going on in the church.  Lent is also the time that we take a break from the regular confirmation schedule of classes to do something fun.  What Lent Mentoring does for students is it gets them involved with people in the church to create one-on-one relationships with adults in the congregations.  During Lent, the students will pick up a worksheet to go over with their Lent Mentor. (It take about 15-20 minutes…no sweat!)  This will help you to learn some things about being an adult in the church and how faith matures as you begin your adult lives in the church!  Find your Lent mentors early!  Come to worship with them on Wednesday evenings and check in with each other on Sundays at worship.